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Apple UK Support Turn off FMiP (find my iPhone)

So the best way to turn off  FMiP is on a PC or Mac, just login into the with your current Apple ID and password. For two factor authentication, either type the required code or go little down and click the green radar icon. Furthermore click on all devices, wherein you the list of Apple devices linked with your current Apple id. Hence choose the Apple device you need to remove. Sometime you may have multiple similar devices so its better you check the right serial number before removing off the FMiP account. Did you know your Apple id is either your email address or an iCloud email address setup earlier?

This page also helps you to erase the specific Apple device. Since there are several scenarios which require FMiP to be turned off. Example, your mobile device needs any repair, part replacement or ownership transfer etc. Please note for lost or stolen situation do not turn off FMiP. Becuase once your device is out of the FMiP it is not only difficult rather impossible to track.

Apple UK Help & Screenshots explaining FMip turn-off

  • Open any web browser( chrome, safari, edge, internet explorer or Firefox etc.) and login to the

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  • Because of the two factor authentication, you need to authorize the login, and if you have difficulty getting the code look little down and click on the green radar icon.

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  • Else once you authorize the login with the code you see a page like this, click on “find iPhone”.

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  • At the top of the page, you see “all devices” click on the drop-down and choose the device to remove.

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  • Most likely, in case of repair services the device may show offline, so click on the device, now you get the next screen you see options to play sound, lost mode, erase etc. once you see the screen below, then at the top click on show all devices again. Please choose the same device from the list, then to the right, you will see the “X” click and confirm the removal.

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Turn off find my iPhone( FMiP) on mobile devices with iOS 10.2 or earlier

Users with iOS 10.2 or earlier, tap on the settings go to iCloud in the list, scroll further down and turn off find my iPhone ( FMiP). We highly recommend that you keep your Apple id up to date. Because in certain update cases, with older details could be problematic. Especially when you require those details to reset or update your Apple id password. In a situation, like you have no clue about the Apple id, or the serial number you may be asked to provide proof of purchase.

Fix emails issues iPad iPhone iPod touch contact Apple UK experts team

You need to be sure about the username and the password then login to the webmail. Sometimes even if you have right details, it simply does not work. We advise you for a quick Email setup & help contact apple UK support.

Furthermore, go to the settings, click on mail/mail contacts calendars, devices with the latest iOS 11, you will find accounts and passwords. Here you will find the most common service providers, choose the right one. At times you may also need to obtain the incoming and outgoing server settings, including port numbers. Talk to your current email service provider for more details. It is really important that you have a working internet connection before performing any email troubleshooting. For a for seamless apple support & Help talk to an Apple UK experts.

Email setup on iPad iPhone iPod with iOS 10 or below, ask our Apple UK Help

These steps and screenshots are for the users running iOS 10 or below.

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Hence after you click settings, either you see mail, contacts, calendars, or simple Mail. So tap on the mail to go to the next page.

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Now you may either click on the most common domain name or choose “Other”.

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Afterward click on the “add mail account” and put the required details, click next.

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This is very important that you click on save to finish the setup process. After this, you should be ok to send or receive your emails. At times it may not work, please contact Apple UK for the best help.

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Mac Mail setup with screenshots contact apple UK Support

Setting up an email account on a Mac is quite a simple process. We follow the same rule to verify the credentials before setting up the account. Please ensure that you have right details, then follow the instructions below.

  • So by default, you will find the Mac mail app on the dock, click to proceed.

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  • At the top left side, next to the Apple logo click on mail and choose Preferences.

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This is quite an easy process, next to general click on accounts.

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Now on this page in the lower left side, click on the “+” and choose the right account else click “Other Mail Account”.

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Here is the deal, as long as you enter the correct information it should work just fine, don’t forget to click save. Due to any reason if it does not work, contact apple UK team to instant help.

Apple UK experts Help fix update install iTunes on windows

We understand how difficult it would be when you cannot open iTunes on your computer. Keeping things in mind we have covered the most common iTunes with the windows. Therefore consult our Apple Uk experts and discuss the perfect iTunes solutions. So ask our Apple UK team and learn the best ways to resolve iTunes issues.

To keep your music organized and improve user experience most of the software get regular updates, and iTunes is not an exception. Faulty windows or iTunes programme file may cause it to update from the very standalone updater. Hence, in this case, our Apple UK team suggest you visit itunes page and download the most up to date version. Please note that most of the windows usually comes with the 64Bit operating system, so go for 64bit, because if your computer has 32bit it would not allow the install. So this is quite an easy thing to find if the version of windows your running. Talk to our Apple UK Helpline and find the what’s stopping you with the update. Due to the advance in security check, you will be prompted for user account control windows click yes or allow to update or install.

iTunes errors and quick tips ask our Apple UK team

First time user may easily install iTunes on the windows, sometimes the same fails due to the firewall or security issues. Therefore to find the precise cause talk to our Apple UK experts. Remember to restart your Mac or PC and try updating or installing again. Most common issues like unable to find the songs after the recent update, failed to launch iTunes, crashing issues and more. Did you know that iTunes install multiple software along with it, like Bonjour, Apple mobile devices, Apple software update and more? so when you uninstall from the control panel please remove all the iTunes apps. Afterward, reinstall a new copy from iTunes website and try again. Talk to an iTunes specialist, contact our Apple UK team round the clock.

Move iTunes data to a new Computer talk to our Apple UK help

Windows users can easily move data from one computer to another without putting so much effort. The music library is located in the user accounts folder called music, so all you need to copy is the music folder and replace it with the other. Before you do all that, please ensure that you try updating the iTunes software to the most recent version possible on both computers. Afterward, install iTunes on the new PC and then close iTunes to replace the music folder with which you copied from the previous system. Sometimes you may encounter library file issues, and errors like, iTunes was created using most recent version. In this case, we highly suggest you discuss with our Apple UK team for seamless support.

After you have copied the music folder successfully, it should work fine in the new iTunes. Talk to an Apple UK expert and get the right help instantly.

Ask Apple UK team to set up Time Machine Backup

Depending on the data size, your Back up drive must be more than the size of the internal HDD. Hence our Apple UK team suggest you get a Hard drive which is slightly bigger in size. We also suggest you keep the backup drive plugged in all the time, to ensure you don’t miss of important data transfer. Usually, there are multiple ways your computing devices can be backed up, for example on a time capsule, external hard drive or to the iCloud.

The best part about the iCloud back is, you can access your files and data from anywhere as long as you know your Apple id and the password. So for a perfect advise and setup speak a member of our Apple UK team today. This is also important that you regularly monitor your latest time machine back up, and the best way to do is to enable the Time machine icon to appear on the menu bar on the top right corner.

First of all click on the apple logo and then choose system preferences.

Apple UK

So in the third or the fourth line you will find time Machine icon, click to make changes.

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If you are using or settings time machine for the first time, you will require to turn it on. Please ensure to either stay connected with the time capsule or your external HDD must be plugged in.

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Choose and format the backup drive using Time Machine

In the next option choose the desired backup drive, this option let you choose whether you want to encrypt your backup or not. Therefore pick the right option and move to next windows, once the backup drive is confirmed, it may prompt you to format it, just leave the default options and confirm the format. 

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In the system preferences, after you click on time machine icon, you get this windows below, once you put a tick it appears in the top right corner.

apple uk

This is also a very handy feature, which shows with one click the latest backup time machine did. Since we have seen many cases of data loss, our Apple UK team suggests you keep your backup in place.

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What causes Time Machine backup failure quick fix talk to Apple UK experts

Actually, there are several factors causing time machine backup failure. So the most common reasons for a time machine failure is as follows. Also if you are looking for quick resolution talk to our Apple Uk helpline.

  • Your Backup hard drive is almost full or not plugged in properly.
  • Time Machine is unable to locate the backup drive.
  • In case of a time capsule, either it is a faulty drive or you are not connected to the wifi via time capsule.
  • Any recent update or an upgrade might cause the failure.
  • Security software like antivirus for mac or internal firewall issues.
  • Speak to our Apple UK experts for further diagnosis.

Checkout of the Mac to ensure your data is all in place and format the backup drive using disk utility from the utilities. Now, this is critical, so if you don’t know how to proceed, talk to an Apple UK expert live.

Users backing up to a time capsule, on the top right side verify and connect to the time capsule. You may also change the wifi priority to the capsule as the first option. So to do this, go to system preferences and click network, highlight wifi on the left and then on the bottom right of the same window click the advanced tab. Furthermore look for the right wifi network and then hold and drag it to the top, don’t’ forget to click ok and then apply. Last but not the least restart both Mac and the router.

iCloud data backup and sync issues explained ask our Apple UK

You recently noticed that your Apple devices are not syncing data. For example, any calendar, contacts notes or pics does not go to the other Apple devices. Sometimes it only syncs with few of the devices and not all. So the questions what are the primary causes of this issues? time to contact Apple UK experts and find the real cause. To make things easy our Apple UK team has mentioned some important tips and steps to overcome this issue.

  • Before we jump to the conclusion, please note Apple only offers 5 GB of free cloud storage per Apple ID. So must check that you have enough storage left.
  • The other most important thing is to confirm that all of your Apple devices are using the same Apple ID.
  • Please note that all of your Apple devices must all be connected to the working internet connection. So multiple ways are either via ethernet, wifi, mobile data or personal hotspot.
  • When everything looks fine restart all of the devices and check again. So the best way to check sync is either take a picture or add a test calendar.
  • Finally, signout off the iCloud and sign back in. Repeat the testing process to verify the sync issues else move to the next step. Contact Apple UK experts for a quick solution.
  • Sometimes advance troubleshooting like restore in case if a mobile device or new clean reinstall is a solution. We highly recommend that you make a full backup.

Folder with a question mark or stuck in a booting loop

You get this issue when your mac is unable to find the system software or hard drive to boot. This also happens when your Mac restarts accidentally due to a power failure while upgrading to a new software update. Therefore, please keep your Mac in charging mode before the update, reinstall, or upgrade. Sometimes a faulty hard drive or a system software cause this issue. Our Apple UK team has mentioned some of the best steps to overcome this problem. Hence follow the quick and easy steps to resolve this issue. This where time machine plays a prominent role when you need to restore to an earlier date.

  • Try safe boot, turn off the mac, if needed hold it down for at least 10 seconds.
  • Press and hold down the shift key, then press the power button to restart the Mac. Keep the shift key down for 15 or 20 seconds, until you a progress bar or a login screen. Please note safe boot does not work all the time, hence move to the next step.
  • Furthermore, contact apple UK experts for the perfect advice and a quick help.
  • Please force shutdown the Mac again with the power button, and try going to the recovery mode. So press and hold the Command(CMD) + R simultaneously and restart the mac. Sometimes on a successful boot into the recovery, it will ask for language option.

Repair Macintosh hard drive run first AID using disk utility

Once you are into the recovery option you have four choices, as follows choose disk utility and then click continue.

apple uk

On the left side look for Mac HD, Macintosh HD, or simply HD, click to highlight. The next step is to click on the first AID and then run, this might take several minutes. So please be patient and wait for green done.

apple uk

Plase click on the done, and then restart the machine from the top left side. For a fast resolution contact apple UK experts online.

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