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Live One to One Apple Support UK, get personalized Support. Connect with our Apple Support UK Experts in less than a minute. We provide dedicated online Support for your Apple devices, so call our Apple Support experts. Looking for technical support and quick fix, you are at the right place. Apple Support for all iPhone, iPad and iPods running 6.1.3 and above. Talk to our Apple Support helpline.

Disclaimer: This website is purely an independent entity and designed only to provide quick tips and help for Apple devices. We are not associated with the official Apple Inc. Any use of this website information is fully on users consent, and we are not liable for any loss or damage caused to the user, by the use of information on this website. Use of any trademarks, brand names, logos , images and symbols are for reference only, hereby disclaims any sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of or by any such third-party. We do not represent to any company or brand in any manner whatsoever. Technical steps mentioned on this website is best to our knowledge. For any warranty related query, please contact the original manufacturer of the product. apple support

Quick fix for software issues, talk to an Apple Support expert

If you have issues with the internet or glitch in the email app, we can help you resolve. Complete solution for restoring locked out or disabled devices, so talk to our Apple support UK team. Having issues with the Mac Admin password? talk an specialist an get instant support. Printer and scanner not syncing with the current devices, no worries contact our Apple UK Support now. Furthermore, we also help you with install, reinstall or upgrade of Mac OS X. Because cleaning junk files regularly free more space on memory and makes your machine clutterfree, hence we advise regular Tuneup. Concerned about virus and malware alert, find the best way to clean them, discuss with an Apple UK expert.

Mail issues and their best solutions step by step, Apple UK

User name and password, internet issues or some email server change may affect the ability to send or receive emails. Therefore it is highly recommended to check with our apple support for instant help. Now before you do any email troubleshooting, perform these support

  • Check if your device is connected to the internet.
  • Login on browsers( safari, chrome, firefox) etc, to check if the user name and password is ok.
  • Restart the device and try again, for fast support contact our Apple UK

Some more steps to help you further on this issues, move to the next step only if first one did not resolve the problem. 

Close all running apps including Mac Mail, then reopen to check if you are able to send or receive emails. If the issue persists, save all the work and restart your Apple devices, open the Mail app again to check if it is working. Go to the mail preferences and then to the accounts / accounts and passwords, delete the account and add it again. Users who use Gmail, AOL, Outlook, Yahoo could simple delete and add the account. In case if you use any personalised email account, make sure to put the right incoming and outgoing server settings. Don’t forget to update the devices to the lates software, and before you start with upgrade, remember to take full back up. Still no joy? contact our Apple Support UK Helpline.

Warning or virus alert on safari? talk to our Apple Support

If you find your safari stuck with any warning or virus alert, so it is most likely to have been infected. Because sometimes it is hard to find if the link is safe to open, you must be careful. So click on Apple logo at the top and choose Force Quit, click safari and force Quit it. Also the first thing you should do is to run a quick scan using Malwarebytes( Malwarebytes is one of the best programmes, we recommend to clean these bugs, discuss with an Apple UK expert. apple support

Safari can’t find the server, Get Apple Support

There are many factors which causes it, some of the best solutions mentioned below.

First of all verify that your computer has internet connection, else it’s not gonna work. Because internet connectivity is the most important factor, contact our Apple UK experts. If you have other computing device, try opening websites and go online, to check if the internet connection is ok. Also restart the computer and try again, discuss with an Apple UK support. Reset safari, clear history and website data, delete the current wifi and add again. You may also consider restarting the router. Chat with our Apple Support, just in case if you only have one device. Please ensure to turn off the firewall and check again. Call our Apple support team for further assistance, dial UK toll free.

Unable to play videos in safari check with Apple Support

Due to the security reasons, older versions of your web browser may not be compatible to play online videos. Hence we highly recommend that you update your current browser to the latest version. Talk to our apple support specialist today and find easy way to fix it. You may have issues installing the latest flash player due to obsolete Mac OS X, check with our Apple Support. Now before you upgrade your operating system, please ensure that you back up the personal files and folders. So you can do it by time machine to manually, since data loss is something you won’t like. If the issue still persists, it’s because the flash player is either blocked or did not install correctly.

Forgotten Mac Login password? live Apple UK Support

You changed the password recently but cannot recall it. Dial Apple support UK today for quick support. This is one of most common mistakes, that we tend to forget password we changed the other day. We understand how frustrating it appears, but guess what this is the easiest thing to do. You just have to follow some basics, or if you wish to have one to one session contact Apple UK.

If you earlier enabled to reset the login password using Apple UK ID, this makes it lot easier. But just in case you don’t have this option, follow these steps. Turn off your Mac, then press and hold Command and R, push the power button once to restart. In the recovery windows, from the top left side choose utilities and in the drop down click terminal. In the terminal box type one word resetpassword, and then press return. This opens up a new box with the icon of your hard drive in the top box.

Contact our apple support experts to fix it without any hassle

Select the hard drive, afterwards choose the user account you wish to change the password. In the box below type your desired login password and give a hint, finally click save and then ok. Close all the windows and restart the mac. Don’t forget to update the keychain password when prompted. Reset filevault password using Apple ID, follow the step by step onscreen support

Slow and sluggish Apple devices? talk to an Apple Support expert

Your Apple computer may experience slow performance due to one or more of the following reasons. Too many application loads when computer restarts. You have not cleaned the junk files for a long time, or has less memory than required. Get help from our Apple support experts today. Other factors like, your hard drive is almost full, consult an Apple UK experts. Your Computer is very old to run the latest and rich content of the operating system. Faulty operating system or cluttered hard drive.

Now since you know the reason, try these steps, or ask our Apple Support UK Team First of all, restart the computer in safe boot, by holding the shift key, then restart normally. So either run CCleaner(, or Dr. Cleaner from the App store. If your hard drive is almost full, back you files and folders and reinstall new Mac OS X. We help you find the right cause in just no time, hence dial our Apple UK support helpline toll free. For the best performance switch to solid state hard support


Got other topics? discuss with our Apple UK Help

Especially printer related topics or Data migration from old computer to the new. Unable to sync your iPad, iPhone and iPod? no worries our apple support is here to help. If you can not transfer photos from camera to iPhoto or photos, share for quick help. Contact our Apple support team, and we help you find solutions without wasting too much of your precious time.