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Looking for the best technical support for your Apple devices? Guess what you are at the right place. So avail the live One to One personalized Support that helps you resolve all technical queries instantly. So be it software issues or hardware problems you certainly get the right advice. Therefore, ask one of our Apple Customer Support team who will assist you with the best tech solutions. To consult the official apple, please visit this link.

Consult Apple Support specialist Fix your Apple devices 

Instant software support for almost all Apple products, Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPods running iOS 7 and above, dial our Apple Support Number. Tech steps and tricks mentioned on this page is best to our knowledge. By using the following support page you fully acknowledge and accept that you have read our full terms and the privacy policy.

Furthermore, our Support team covers a wide range of the most common issues, so check out the page below for quick help.

Most common issues and the Apple topics covered

  • If you have issues with the internet or unable to browse any website, we fix it within minutes or find the right cause precisely.
  • Other email issues like sending, receiving, unable to open your email app, or other apps crashing? Talk to our Apple Customer service.
  • Complete step by step solution for disabled or locked out Apple devices( iPad, iPhone & iPod).
  • Any login issues with your Mac, or the file vault password issues? talk to our Apple phone Number live.
  • Printer, scanner or maybe both not syncing with your Apple devices? No worries contact our Apple uk Support now.
  • Annoying pop-ups like safari virus warning, or other malware alerts? we have the perfect solutions.
  • Understand and find the spam, phishing or dodgy emails.
  • Discussions to suggest whether you need an Antivirus for your Mac?
  • Quick steps to tune up your Mac, make them clutter free, consult with an experienced advisor.

Furthermore, we also help you with the install, reinstall or upgrade of Mac OS X. Since cleaning the junk files provide more space on the memory and makes your machine clutter free. Which further brings a great Mac performance. Hence we advise a regularly scheduled tune-up. Concerned about virus and malware alerts, find the best way to clean them, call our Apple Helpline uk 0800 756 3355.

Here is how to identify genuine email report phishing ask Apple Support

Most of the official emails will never ask you to fill in any of your personal or financial details. So if you ever receive such emails asking for your bank account details or other personal details like date of birth, email or password, then stop right there. Hence, in this case, you may either contact our apple support experts or talk to the official help of the manufacturer. Please do not go by the look or the design of the email, even if it has original trademarks. Because these phishing emails are designed to look that way and to trick the users.

Check to see if the sender’s email has domain with .com, .in, .net, etc. A fair example, in this case, is the sender’s email, which should end with,,, and so on.

Some of the screenshots mentioned below for both windows mail and the Mac mail so that you can easily learn how to check the genuine sender.


apple customer support

Mac mail users, once you open the email check for the sender’s address, hence click on the name as shown below. Talk to our apple Expert help team for a quick check.

Phishing email

So hope you have a fair idea to identify a genuine email, therefore forward the dodgy emails to the respective official team. For Netflix the email address is, and for the Apple,

Follow quick steps to Fix virus alert and warnings on Safari

Browser (safari, chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) may be stuck with the warning or virus alert, so it is most likely that they are infected. Because sometimes it is hard to find the safe links, therefore you must be careful. Companies like Bitdefender, Kaspersky offer website scan extensions. So once you install they prescan the websites before you click on the search links. Bitdefender offers “trafficlight” which we find to be of a great help in pre-scanning. Search Google for “BitDefender trafficlight”, download and install it, same applies to safari as well. Please remember to restart the browser after you install the extensions.

The best way to tell when you see the green ticks before the search results in the search engines. Our apple support experts suggest you avoid the red once if you are not sure.

At times these warnings may lock or freeze the browser and you may have difficulty closing. Nothing to worry, simply click on the Apple logo at the top left and choose Force Quit. Furthermore, in the new box of “Force Quit” click safari, chrome or other browsers to highlight them and then click Force Quit. You may also receive the fake adobe flash player alerts; please visit the to download the latest flash player. Choose the region and then scroll all the way down to find the adobe flash player.

Run Malwarebytes remove safari pop-ups & annoying toolbars, Ask apple Help

Most of the adware come from the websites where users are likely to browse, except financial websites and other genuine brands. Because these brands and other financial websites take the privacy and security of the users very seriously. The problem comes with the new websites, designed to show live streaming, free music, and video downloads, live football show etc. The problem is unless it’s been identified as a threat to the user, or have been reported, it will be difficult even for the top antivirus to block them, and that’s when you get those warnings. So please be calm and perform the following steps and later run CCleaner and Malwarebytes scan.


  • At times you will not be able to close the safari due to the invasive nature of the content. Hence you might need to “force quit” safari and hold the shift key before you click and open it again. Our Support team advises you to check the page below.

So if you are unable to launch “Force Quit” from the Apple logo at the top left side, press these keys simultaneously, CMD+ Opt/Alt+ Esc.

apple support number

In the new windows click safari to highlight and then move further down click the force quit button and finally confirm the closure.

apple support uk

Advance steps to clean Safari popups, ask our Apple Support team

The next step is to clean safari, therefore hold the shift key to the left side of the keyboard, and then open safari to see if this is clean. Hopefully, it should not appear with that warning message. Sometimes this adware could be invasive, so click on the safari next to Apple logo and then choose clear history. For the older version of safari, you may have reset safari, ensure to check all the boxes and then click reset safari. Choose all history from the drop down and the clear history again.

When nothing works, talk to an Apple specialist. Run a quick scan using Malwarebytes for mac check link to ensure your Mac is clean. Malwarebytes is one of the best programmes; we recommend to clean these bugs, discuss with our expert apple support team.

Check out the best practices and tips to help resolve the Email issues

Username and password, internet issues or some email server change may affect the ability to send or receive emails. Now before you do any email troubleshooting, perform these steps.

  • Check if your device is connected to the internet.
  • Login to browsers( safari, chrome, firefox), etc., to check if the username and password are ok.
  • Restart the device and try again, for fast support talk to Apple Support advisor.

apple email support

Restore your Email functionality Learn the best troubleshooting

Close all running apps including Mac Mail, then reopen to check if you can send or receive emails. If the issue persists, save all the work and restart your Apple devices, open the Mail app again to check if it is working. Go to the mail preferences and then to the accounts/accounts and passwords, delete the account and add it back. Users who use Gmail, AOL, Outlook, Yahoo could simply delete and add the account. In case if you use any personalized email account, make sure to put the right incoming and outgoing server settings. Don’t forget to update the devices to the latest software, and before you start with the upgrade, remember to take full back up.

Still no joy? ask an Apple specialist for further troubleshooting and support.

Get Apple Support Help with Safari browsing problem and internet issues

There are many factors which cause it, some of the best solutions mentioned below.

Mac safari issues

First of all, verify that your computer has an internet connection, else it’s not going to work. Because internet connectivity is the essential factor. If you have other computing devices, try opening websites and go online, to check if the internet connection is ok. Also, restart the computer and try again, ask our support team. Reset Safari, clear history and website data, delete the current WiFi and add back. You may also consider restarting the router. Chat with our Support team, just in case if you only have one device. Please ensure to turn off the firewall and check again. Call our Apple Support UK team 0800 756 3355 for further assistance, dial UK toll-free.

Understand why safari cannot play flash items or video files and how to mend it

Due to the security reasons, older version of your web browser may not be compatible to play the online videos. Hence we highly recommend that you update your current browser to the latest version. You may have difficulty installing the latest flash player due to the obsolete Mac OS X, check with our Apple Support UK. Now before you upgrade your operating system, please ensure that you back up the personal files and folders. Back up can be done either on time machine or through manual drag and drop, please check this time machine article for more on back up. If the issue persists, it’s because the flash player is either blocked or did not install correctly.

Learn & Install latest the Adobe flash player ask our Apple Support

Things have evolved, and the new browsers come loaded with Adobe flash. As soon as you visit a website which requires Adobe flash player, it prompts you to enable, click Enable. Also in case if you need to install adobe flash player manually, you can do you from the official Adobe website, check this link. Now on the final download page, you have “Optional Offers” we suggest you uncheck those boxes.

There are websites they display warning messages that your flash player is outdated and your mac is infected. So if you ever land to a page, please close the page immediately and clear history and website data. Afterward, you can go to the official Adobe and download the flash player. Once you visit scroll to the bottom, you will find the link for adobe flash player.

Install the required JAVA app for your Mac OS X

Java requires the optimum performance of some of the sites. For example, some financial websites use JAVA for processing payment on the gateway, etc. What you can do is to enable java just for that website, if you already have one installed. Softwares like Adobe, auto-cad, and other programming application also require java. Hence you can download the latest version of java from this link. The latest versions of browsers like chrome, edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari, etc. comes pre-java installed.

Mac os x Java

Troubleshoot & fix WiFi problems check with our Apple Customer Support

You have to check things smartly, before jumping to the conclusion. What we mean to say is, verify on other devices if the internet works, by browsing other websites. It is good to check if other devices on the same network are connecting OK to the internet.

  • So login into a web browser and try to open random websites like or more. Hence if the current devices do not connect to the internet, check on the other appliances you have. Either it’s going to work, or you will have same issues. It is obvious, in case none of your devices goes online, it’s probably the router or the internet line.
  • At this point, you can either restart the internet hub/internet router, try again, else contact your service provider.
  • It will be a coincidence if you go faulty device and router at the same time.Apple wifi Support
  • We assure you the best solution for these issues, talk to Apple Uk Support experts.
  • Restart the computing devices( Mac, iPad, iPhone, etc.) and try again.
  • On the iPad, iPhone goto the settings and check if you are connected to the right WiFi or wireless network.

Does your Mac need an Antivirus or malware software ask Apple expert?

Mac computers are not that easy to be tricked, due to the gatekeeper inbuilt into the system. This feature needs users consent with a Mac login password, before authenticating apps and software download outside the app store. Therefore you must be careful before installing that unwanted software. Since Mac OS X is designed on the Unix platform, it is not easy to trick the system. Just to let you know the “GateKeeper” an extra check requires a full users consent. Hence you know well which software to allow and which once to block.

Even though there is no 100% guarantee about the protection, but to be on a safer side, we still recommend that you install a security software, we find Bitdefender to be quite an efficient programme. Since Bitdefender claims to have zero impact on the Mac performance, our support team recommends it. The good part is it not only blocks the malicious files or software but also scans files you download either via safari or in the email attachments. Bitdefender gives you extended and deep scanning ability to check almost every single file. They have many versions, out of which we find “BitDefender total security” to be of immense use.

Mac antivirus Support


Reset Mac Login password on the older OS X versions

Password issue is frustrating because you have changed the password recently but cannot recall it. Speak to an Apple support UK expert today for quick assistance. Common mistakes that we tend to forget password we changed the other day. Becuase it is simple and easy to regain access to your account, so don’t panic, and for seamless support contact our Apple UK experts.

Reset Mac login password on a new Mac OS X versions 

Turn off your Mac, then press and hold Command and R, push the power button once to restart. Choose the required language( English), click next or continue. In the recovery window, from the top left side choose utilities and in the drop-down click terminal. Finally in the terminal box type one word resetpassword, and then press return. On the new box, you will see the icon of a hard drive in the top section. Now click on the hard drive and right below it gives you the option to choose the user account you wish to reset the password. When everything goes as planned, create a new password, save and exit finally restart the computer.

Sometimes keychain could be a problem, therefore choose to create a new keychain. You may also contact the official Apple support on this number 0800 107 6285.

Mac login password

Mac login

*New version of mac with FileVault may cause difficulty resettings login password, talk to us for more details. Furthermore, the interphase my look entirely different, check out this link.

Tune-up slow & clogged-up Mac in easy steps or ask Apple Support Help

Well, you find countless apps who claims to tune-up and fix the issue, but very few of them actually do. Our Apple Support team helps to find absolutely the right stuff you need. So discuss with us and find what would be highly beneficial for your Mac and which cost really nothing. CCleaner is one of the best software for perfect mac cleaning, and the best part is it is free.

Your Apple computer may experience slow performance due to one or more of the following reasons.

apple Mac Tune up support

  • Too many startup programmes load when your Mac restarts.
  • Your Mac has less memory and HDD space left than required.
  • Rich graphics software like video editing or designing software which need high-end machines running on the Mac.
  • You have a faulty operating system, or cluttered hard drive, ask our Support team for a free diagnosis.
  • Consult our Apple Support UK experts for a free health check of the Mac.
  • Therefore try disabling the startup apps, and to do this, click on the apple logo, go to system preferences, click users & groups. Afterward on the right side click on login items, highlight all of them and click on the (-) to remove.

Start up apps

Our Apple Support team also advises you to run the first aid from disk utility.

Best tweaks to boost your Mac performance, follow these steps

  • First of all, restart the computer in safe boot, by holding the shift key, then reboot again. We have run a reasonably good test using CCleaner for Mac, and the free version has done the job well.
  • Furthermore, check the HDD space left and move your files to an external drive. We help you find the right cause to the sluggish performance in no time. Hence dial our Apple Support number toll-free. Did you know that a solid state hard drive can boost your Mac to a great level? Let our Apple Support team help you discover if the Mac is feasible.
  • New Mac computer comes loaded with the SSD, but if you have the older one its time to upgrade it.
  • You may also reinstall a new copy of Mac OS X, always remember to create either manual or a time machine back up.
  • Please do not mistake a slow browsing speed with the overall slow Mac, since it mostly depends on the internet speed and the bandwidth of the website as well. Because we find many people saying it is a slow Mac, rather the truth is a slow internet connection or the website itself. Therefore don’t jump the gun rather consult our Expert Apple team.

Restore disabled or locked out iPad iPhone & iPod

You might see this error ” iPad is disabled” try again in 1 minute or more. Since there are many reasons why your Apple mobile devices needs restore. For example, when your iPad or iPhone is disabled due to either software glitch or multiple failed passcode attempts. Therefore to come out of this situation, you must restore it to the factory settings. Sometimes you may experience difficulty completing the restore process. Hence follow the best solutions below or for an instant help talk to our Apple Support team.

ipad restore

You have multiple ways to restore the iPad, but first, check for any iTunes updates. For the latest iTunes you must have windows 7 and above and Mac users Yosemite (10.10.5) and above. Windows users who don’t have iTunes, head to this link to download and install the latest version. Most of the windows computer comes with 64 bit of the operating system, so try downloading the 64bit version. The best part is that computer running a 32bit version of windows will not allow 64bit installation. Hence you can always come back to the previous link and download the 32bit version.

Important things to consider before Restoring Apple mobile devices

  • Once you install the iTunes, we highly recommend you restart the computer.
  • Since data back up is not possible, so you have two ways to restore either via iTunes or iCloud. As you understand data recovery only works if there was a backup done before. Backup on the iTunes and iCloud happens automatically, so let’s hope for the best.
  • Plug the disabled unit using its charging lead to one of the USB ports on the PC or a Mac. You can detach the charging lead from the adaptor. Afterward either you are prompted to restore so go head with the screen instructions, or you have to put the device into the recovery mode/DFU mode.
  • Please note the download can take up to several minutes to hours depending on the internet speed.
  • Restoring your Apple mobile device may have multiple issues and questions, call our Apple Support number.

iTunes restore issues and errors find what is required

At times restoring the iPad, iPhone or iPod could be problematic, which is further due to the multiple factors. Therefore, read the most common errors and the best solutions for a successful troubleshooting.

  • You may encounter multiple random errors, for example, 3014, error -1, error -9 and so on.
  • Guess what, sometimes it is due to the hardware issues as well. Because of a faulty, non-genuine charging lead, and other hardware failures like memory or chip issues etc.
  • Hence you may try with another genuine lead, or plug into a different USB port.
  • Try updating the iTunes to the most recent version possible, so always check for an update. You must have Windows 7 and above or at least Mac OS X Yosemite for the latest iTunes.
  • Other prominent factors which contribute to an unsuccessful restore includes a faulty iTunes copy, driver issues, and operating system problems.
  • Restore may also fail due to the firewall or security software blocks. We highly recommend that you talk to our Apple support experts.
  • Did you now a faulty or an intermittent internet connection may also stop the download of the required iOS file.

Disable automatic iTunes sync, learn the easy way

Syncing to iTunes is not favorable for everyone, because it erases some of your data. For example, you forgot to turn on iCloud backup and wanted to copy some new music or pics. So before you go ahead remember to manually backup the existing files first. Else there is a possibility that you might lose your valuable stuff.

Also sometimes you just need to charge, your mobile devices and do not require any data sync. Therefore you may want to disable auto sync, but remember auto sync also disabled local automatic backup. Now if you wish to disable it, here is how to disable auto sync.

Steps for Windows users, open itunes> top left side click edit> choose preferences from the drop down. So a new box opens “device Preferences” on the top tabs choose “devices” option. Furthermore, look at the picture below check the box ” Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads automatic sync” and click OK.

Apple itunes Support

Mac users open iTunes, next to the Apple logo, click iTunes, choose Preferences and then check to prevent automatic sync under devices. If you are still struggling to find those options to stop the auto sync, call or chat with our support advisor.

Diagnose and troubleshoot wired printer problems, or ask our Apple Support team

Did you know that most of the Mac OS X versions come preloaded with the particular printer driver? Which is why it makes things extremely easy and sometimes only plug and play. So for those who use a wired printer and unable to print using there Mac, follow these steps.

Necessary points for a successful wired printer setup.

  • Connect your Mac and the printer with the printer cable. As you know the printer cable has a rectangular and the square end, the square end goes to the printer.

apple printer support

  • Connect all the required cables including power the turn on the printer.
  • After that click, the Apple logo on the top left then go to the system preferences on the mac, open printers and scanners. In some scenarios, the printer shows automatically to the left side with a green light. So at this point put some papers and try to print, most likely you should be able to print without any issues.
  • You must also understand that for the older Mac computers, new models of the printers may require the compatible driver. Therefore our Apple Support team highly recommends that you check for an update and keep the Mac OS to the latest version possible.
  • Now if you do not see the printer listed, click on the plus sign to the left of the printers and scanners window, choose the printer and then click on the add button. For any help on the wired network printer help, speak to Apple Support Specialist 0800 756 3355.

Advanced wired Printer troubleshooting and solutions

  • Furthermore, if you don’t’ see the printer listed, for this session only please turn off the Mac firewall. Afterward, restart both printer and the mac and check again.
  • We also suggest that you check the printer’s manual for any particular driver download.
  • So if you go no clue how to do it ask our Apple support team.
  • Download the required printer driver visit the official website of the manufacturer.
  • After all, if you still do not seem to connect or find the printer, ensure the cable is intact also switch to another USB port on the Mac.

Mac wireless printer setup and diagnosis

Wireless printer follows pretty much the same troubleshooting trend, that said some crucial tips are as follows.

  • This is extremely important that your printer and the Mac is connected to the same network.
  • If you are configuring the wireless printer for the first time, you gonna need network name and the WiFi password, which is usually on a sticker on the back of the router/Hub. Please note it is not the admin password, also the wireless password varies with a slightly different name which further depends on the service providers you chose, but the idea remains same. Examples of WiFi password synonyms are wireless key, wifi password, network wireless key, network security key etc.
  • So once you have the required network details, power on the printer and follow the network configuration wizard/setup on the printer panel. After the successful connection to the wireless network, you have done half of the job already.
  • Just a few more steps and ready to rock and roll, hence in the system preferences choose printers and scanners, click on the plus sign and select the right printer, finally, click add. And now it would show up with the right printer with ready green light. Go right ahead and print something, you may also talk to our apple support experts for quick setup.

Have your got other topics? talk to our Apple Support live

Especially printer related topics or Data migration from an old computer to the new. Unable to sync your iPad, iPhone, and iPod? No worries our apple support UK team is here to help. If you can not transfer photos from camera to iPhoto or pictures, talk to our support experts. Contact our Apple support UK team, and we help you find solutions without wasting too much of your precious time.

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