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One phone number that works for all Apple support UK is 0800 107 6285.

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  • Looking for Mac technical support? Guess what you are in the right place. So avail the live One to One personalized instantly.
  • Mac Support Team assists you with almost all of the products, ask a support expert today.
  • Do you need help with sending, receiving BT email log-in problems? Talk to Apple support UK advisors. Best topics for disabled or locked out devices( iPad, iPhone & iPod).
  • Facing problems with Mac login, or the file vault password issues?
  • We help lift your Printer, scanner, and other fax-related issues.
  • Learn how to get rid of annoying Safari pop-ups alerts, virus warnings, or other malware alerts? Distinguish legit, spam, phishing, or dodgy emails, hence contact a support advisor now.
  • This page also covers great discussions that suggest whether you need an Antivirus for your Mac. You also get wonderful tips on how to tune up your Mac and make them clutter-free. Furthermore, complete help with the install, reinstall or upgrade of a Mac OS X.
  • Did you know that optimizing your Mac regularly provides more space and makes your machine run faster? Are you concerned about the virus or a malware intrusion? Contact Apple Support UK specialist.

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  1. Delivers exceptional care for all technical queries, connect billing, order, sales, or payments, One phone number that works for all customer care services is 0800 048 0408, available Monday to Sunday 8 AM to 7:45 PM UK Time.
  2. Because it’s Toll-free, we think this might be the phone number you are after.
  3. Phone Lines for purchase on behalf of your school, college, or university open Monday–Saturday 09:00–22:00 and Sunday 10:00–18:00.
  4. Please dial 0800 912 0207 to speak to an Apple representative.

Mac iPad and iPhone Sales for Business and professional call 0800 058 2222. phone number available Monday–Friday 09:00–22:00.

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iPad iPhones Apple Help

Restoring your mobile device may have multiple issues, connect with the customer support team, for example, you may encounter random errors, 3014, error -1, error -9, and so on. Furthermore even a non-genuine lead, faulty port, or chip can stop the restore. If you still have issues try plugging into a different USB port.

Update iTunes to the most recent version possible and then repeat the steps again.
Other prominent factors that contribute to an unsuccessful restore include a faulty iTunes copy, driver issues, and operating system problems.

Restore may also fail due to the firewall or security software blocks. We highly recommend you speak to a technical support expert to further diagnose it.

Get help for older Apple mobile devices

  • Let’s start with iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus, iPhone 5, 5S, SE, iPhone 4 & 4S.
  • Plug your iPhone/iPad either to Mac or a PC with the genuine lead to avoid any restore errors. iPhone 6, 6s, or plus, hold the power and the home button together until you see connect to iTunes. Now follow the onscreen instruction to complete the restore process.
  • Please Note that restoring the devices to factory settings wipes all the data, so you need to recover either from iTunes or an iCloud backup.
  • For iPhone 5, 5s, SE, 4 and all iPad versions press and hold the power and home button until you see connect to iTunes.
  • How to put iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone 10 in the recovery mode?
    For iPhone 7 series, users hold the side(power button) and the volume down button until they see the connection to the iTunes screen. Finally, the iPhone 8 series and the iPhone 10 users need to follow these little different steps mentioned below.
  • So press and quickly release the Volume UP button > then press and quickly release volume down button > and now press and continue to hold the side button(power button). until see connect to iTunes.

Fix bogus virus alerts and malware warnings on Safari talk to Apple support UK

Browser (safari, chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) may be stuck with the warning or virus alert, so it is most likely that they are infected with adware. At times these warnings may lock or freeze the browser and you may have difficulty closing it. Nothing to worry about, simply click on the logo at the top left and choose Force Quit.

Furthermore, in the new box of “Force Quit” click safari, chrome, or other browsers to highlight them and then click Force Quit. You may also hold press these keys simultaneously, CMD+Opt/Alt+ Esc to launch force quit. Ignore fake Adobe flash player alerts, since adobe flash player is obsolete software.

Most of the adware comes from websites where users are likely to browse, except those financial websites and other genuine brands. The problem comes with the new websites, designed to show live streaming, free music, and video downloads, live football show, etc.

After you close Safari, open it by holding the shift key to see if this is clean. Hopefully, it should not appear with that warning message. Sometimes this adware could be invasive, so click on the safari next to the logo and then choose clear history. For the older version of Safari, you need to reset Safari, ensure to check all the boxes, and then click reset safari.

Choose all history from the drop-down and the clear history again. When nothing works, talk to a customer support specialist. Run a quick scan using Malwarebytes for mac to ensure your Mac is clean. Malwarebytes is one of the best programs; we recommend cleaning these bugs.

How Good is Chrome on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone?

Safari is the default Mac browser, doesn’t always support websites with java or other flash items, therefore chrome comes in handy. This also works when safari fails to launch. Older Macs do not support today’s generation’s web content, hence you either choose to install Firefox or Google Chrome. Speak to Apple customers service UK and find the most compatible browser. Learn the best way to update and troubleshooting them.

Safari users then always check for the Apple software update to install the latest version.

Troubleshoot and fix Mac Mail issues Mac, iPads & iPhones

Following are some of the most known reasons why an email client loses communication functionality.

  • You changed your email password but forgot to update it.
  • There is no internet connection or your device is not connected to a working internet.
  • Outdated server settings or an older version of the software is no longer supported.
  • Incorrect credentials or a faulty operating system.

Now the question is how to fix them? so let’s follow these basic steps.

  • So, first of all, close all running apps including Mac Mail, then reopen to check if the problem is resolved.
  • Save all the work and restart your devices, open the Mail app again to check if it is working.
  • Go to the mail preferences and delete the email account and add it back. In case if you use any personalized email account, make sure to put the right email server settings.
  • A better piece of advice is to keep your setting and the devices up to date. Contact Apple Support UK service for more help.

Do you have trouble playing web videos? Find the cause ask the Apple Support UK team

  • Online web videos do not work due to several causes as mentioned below.
  • Your internet browser(safari, chrome) has blocked the flash content for security purposes. Slow or intermittent internet connection, not enough to play online videos.
  • This one is very rare because some of the websites only stream on certain browsers.
  • So what steps should you try to overcome this? check out below.
  • First thing first, update the web browser to the latest version possible.
  • Disable unwanted add-ons and toolbars.
  • Check if the firewall is not blocking the content.
  • Reinstall the new copy of the browser from the official site.
  • Launch them in safe mode and try again, if nothing works contact Apple Support Phone Number.
  • Older or obsolete Mac OS X Safari may not support flash contents, therefore install an alternate browser.
  • For the new systems things have evolved, and the new browsers come loaded with video streaming.

JAVA for your Mac? Talk To Apple Support UK Number

Java is required for the optimum performance of some of the websites. For example, some financial websites use JAVA for processing payments. Softwares like Adobe, auto-cad, and other programming application also require java. Hence you can download the latest version of java

The latest versions of browsers like chrome, edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari, etc. compare-java installed. Therefore head to either preferences section of addon settings and enable java for the required site.

The quick way to troubleshoot & fix Apple WiFi problems

This might not be straightforward, If none of your devices go online, that means either the router or the internet line is faulty.
First thing first, restart both the computing device and the internet router/hub and try again. It will be a coincidence if you got a faulty device and router at the same time. We assure you of the best solutions, so phone the Apple Support UK number.

On the iPad, iPhone goes to the settings and check if you are connected to the right WiFi or wireless network.
Reset Safari, clear history and website data, delete the current WiFi, and add back.

You may also consider restarting the router. Chat with the Support team, just in case if you only have one device. Please ensure to turn off the firewall and check again.

Which Antivirus for your Mac? Contact Apple Support

Since Mac OS X is designed on the Unix platform, it is not easy to trick the system. Just to let you know the “GateKeeper” extra check requires full user’s consent. Therefore you must be careful before installing that unwanted software. Hence you know well which software to allow and which one to block.

Even though there is no 100% guarantee about the protection, but to be on the safer side, we still recommend that you install security software.

And we find Bitdefender to be quite an efficient program for extra protection. Since Bitdefenderclaims to have zero impact on the Mac performance, you may consider using it. Bitdefender assures extended and deep scanning to check almost every single file.

Improve your Mac performance Get Tech Tips

  • Too many startup programs load when your Mac restarts could slow it.
  • Your Mac has less memory and HDD space left than required.
  • Rich graphics software like video editing or designing software that needs high-end machines running on the Mac.
  • You have a faulty operating system, or a cluttered hard drive, ask the Apple customer support team for a free diagnosis. Consult Support UK for a free health check of your Mac.
  • Therefore try disabling the startup apps, and to do this, click on the logo, go to system preferences, click users & groups.
  • Afterward on the right side click on login items, highlight all of them and click on the (-) to remove. The phone Apple Support team also advises you to run the first aid from the disk utility.

Unclog your Mac and make them run faster

Is your mac running sluggish and slow? then it’s time to do a tune-up and cleaning. We have reasons to believe that your Mac becomes slow over a period of time.

We ran some reasonably good tests using CCleaner on multiple Macs, and the free version has done the job well. Did you know that a solid-state hard drive can boost your Mac to a great level? Let the Support team help you discover if the current Mac is feasible.

The new Mac computer comes loaded with the SSD, but if you have the older one it’s time to upgrade to an SSD. You may also reinstall a new copy of Mac OS X, always remember to create either manual or a time machine back up. Please do not mistake a slow browsing speed with the overall slow Mac, since depends on the internet speed and the bandwidth of the website as well. Because we find many people saying it is a slow Mac, rather the truth is a slow internet connection or the website itself.

Therefore don’t jump the gun rather consult the Expert Apple Support team.
Well, you find countless apps that claim to tune up and fix the issue, but very few of them actually do.
Pro technical support team helps to find absolutely the right stuff you need. So discuss with us and find what would be highly beneficial for your Mac and which cost really nothing.

CCleaner is one of the best software for perfect mac cleaning, and best of all is it free. Your computer may experience slow performance due to one or more of the following reasons.

How to clean uninstall apps from Mac

Uninstalling an app from Mac is an easy task, hence all you need is to drag and drop it into the trash. But the point is how to deeply uninstall it. Because even after removing the apps, using the standard method they leave their files behind. Therefore we are going to explain the best way to do the deep uninstall.

We recommend using an app called AppCleaner. You may also run the “Sudo command” for apps, check their official site for more details. Install AppCleaner from, open, and do these little customizations to ensure the deep cleaning.

Launch the app cleaner and then top left side next to the logo click AppCleaner and choose Preferences. Finally uncheck all these boxes, “show protected apps, protect default OS-X apps & Protect running apps”. Other steps are to choose the Smart Delete tab and then turn it on.

On this next screen open the applications folder and drag and drop the apps you wish to remove. keep in mind this is a permanent deletion, you may not be able to retrieve any files later.

This step is only to clean some of the intrusive and junk apps. Remember to check all the boxes then click on remove, type the mac password once prompted.
For any assistance on further cleaning please contact Apple Support live.

Especially data migration from an old computer to the new. Unable to sync your iPad,iPhone, and iPod?

How to disable automatic iTunes sync

Syncing to iTunes is not favorable for everyone, because it erases some of your data. For example, you forgot to turn on iCloud backup and wanted to copy some new music or pics. So before you go ahead remember to manually back up the existing files first. Else there is a possibility that you might lose your valuable stuff.

Also sometimes you just need to charge, your mobile devices and do not require any data sync.

Therefore you may want to disable auto-sync, but remember auto-sync also disabled local automatic backup.

Steps for Windows users, open iTunes > top left side click edit > choose preferences from the drop-down. So a new box opens “device Preferences” on the top tabs choose the “devices” option.

Furthermore, look at the picture below check the box ” Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads automatic sync” and click OK.

Mac users open iTunes, next to the logo, click iTunes, choose preferences and then check to prevent automatic sync under devices.

If you are still struggling to find those options to stop the auto sync, call or chat directly with the Apple support advisor.

Contact support Help for Printing issue

Did you know that most of the Mac OS X are preloaded with the particular printer driver? This is why it makes things extremely easy and sometimes only plug and play.

  1. So for those who use a wired printer unable to print using their Mac, follow these steps. Necessary points for a successful wired printer setup.
  2. Connect your Mac and the printer with the printer cable.
  3. As you know the printer cable has a rectangular and square end, the square end goes to the printer.
  4. Connect all the required cables including power the turn on the printer. Then go to the system preferences on the mac, open printers & scanners.
  5. Furthermore, if you don’t see the printer listed restart both the printer and the mac and check again. We also suggest that you check the printer’s manual for any particular driver download.
  6. So if you got no clue how to do it ask the support team. After all, if you still do not seem to connect or find the printer, ensure the cable is intact also switch to another USB port on the Mac.
  7. In some scenarios, the printer shows automatically to the left side with a green light. So at this point put some papers and try to print, most likely you should be able to print without any issues.
  8. You must also understand that for the older Mac computers, new models of the printers may require an additional driver.
  9. Therefore Support team highly recommends that you check for an update and keep the Mac OS to the latest version possible.
  10. Now if you do not see the printer listed, click on the plus sign to the left of the printer and scanner window, choose the printer and then click on the add button.

How to set up a wireless printer, talk to Apple technical support UK

Wireless printer follows pretty much the same troubleshooting trend, therefore some crucial tips are as follows.

  1. This is extremely important that your printer and the Mac are connected to the same network.
  2. If you are configuring the wireless printer for the first time, you gonna need the network name and the WiFi password.
  3. Wireless password varies with a slightly different name which further depends on the service providers you chose.
  4. But the overall idea remains the same. Examples of WiFi password synonyms are wireless key, wifi password, network wireless key, network security key, etc.
  5. Furthermore, power on the printer and follow the network configuration wizard/set up on the printer panel.
  6. After the successful connection to the wireless network, you are done with the 80% job. Just a few more steps and ready to rock and roll.

Coming to the final configuration goto system preferences choose printers and scanners, click on the plus sign and select the right printer. Go right ahead and print something, you may also contact customer service for quick setup.